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At Miras Dial A Cake we make customized theme cakes for all occasions be it Birthday, Wedding, Anniversary or Baby Shower.
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Truffle Balls
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Christmas Cakes
1st year birthday cake for baby boy
Personalized Birthday Cake Creations
Handcrafted Birthday Cakes
1st year birthday cake for baby girl
Bespoke Wedding Cakes
Customized Wedding Cakes
Timeless Tiers Custom Wedding Cakes
Tailored Wedding Cake Designs
Personalized Anniversary Cakes
Cherished Memories
Love in Layers
Anniversary Bliss
Bespoke Engagement Cakes
Personalized Engagement Cakes
Handcrafted Engagement Cakes
Unique Engagement Cake Designs

Desserts & Pastries

Indulge in a symphony of flavors with our freshly baked Brownies, Cheese cakes, Cookies and so much more crafted with love to satisfy your sweetest cravings.


50% OFF


50% OFF


Our Advantages

From design to flavor, customised cakes offer a personal touch that transforms special occasions into unforgettable moments.


Customized cakes allow you to tailor the design, flavors, and decorations to suit the recipient's preferences, theme, or occasion.

Attention to Detail

Professional bakers pay meticulous attention to detail, ensuring that every element of the cake aligns with your vision.

Supporting Local Businesses

Choosing custom cakes often supports local bakeries and artisans, contributing to the community.

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A Sneak Peak To Our Divine Delights


Discover the joy our custom cakes bring to special occasions through the words of our delighted clients.

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